In 1996 I studied Culinary Arts at Johnson and Wales University in Charleston, SC and developed a great career working at various hotels and restaurants over a 17 year period.  Being a chef was stressful, challenging and took a heavy toll on my body, but cooking still remains a passion of mine.

Being a massage therapist was always something I had an interest in since I was always in pain either in my lower back or throughout my neck and shoulders.  When I moved to Washington, DC in 2002 the Universe presented me with the opportunity to attend the National Massage Therapy Institute in Falls Church, VA in 2003 and I graduated the 600 hour program in 2004. Since then I have made it my life’s passion to learn and understand how the human body, mind and spirit work together to heal itself.

It wasn’t long before I began studying Craniosacral therapy. Craniosacral therapy has made a profound impact on my skills as a therapist and an even more profound impact on my life as a means of repairing many years of damage to my body.

I am an avid reader and still love to cook for myself and friends, I have taken up camping as a means to help relieve stress in my life, I bike, study nutrition and constantly seek out new holistic methods of health and wellness.