When I explain to others how I work on people and what I’m “tuning into,” what I’m feeling for, what I’m plapating for I must always tell them about the Cranial Rhythm. We can call it CR to make it easy.  I should make it plural because there are man different CR’s.

WE’re focusing on one particular CR that is connected to the flexion (filling) of the cranium and then the extension (emptying) which pumps cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) down your spinal canal. Kind of like a bellows.bellows

Your brain produces CSF and as it does your cranium expands and that fluid fills your head. Once your cranium is done expanding, it then contracts and the fluid then flushes down your spinal canal lubricating your central nervous system. Can you imagine this? It’s hard to actually feel, it takes a lot of meditation and bodywork for most people. This expansion/contraction happens 6 to 12 cycles every minute of every day. Your CR can be felt in every single cell of your body and in every organ. I sense for CR all the time when I work. I sense for what I call the Significance Indicator.

This is Sooooo Significant

As I’m listening to the expansion and contraction of that system I’m listening for that rhythm. That rhythm does something quite extraordinary when it wants me to know something in the body wants to be worked on. Your CR will abruptly shut off or hault. This abrupt hault is an INDICATOR that your body wants to engage it’s ability to heal something Significant.

What if I don’t get a Significance Indicator? It means that your body doesn’t want me working on something. It does NOT mean that something doesn’t want to be worked on, it means that ME, the one facilitating your healing process, doesn’t need to be doing anything with that area at that time. So I move on, I could might also just do some connective tissue work if I feel tension in the connective tissues, but the goal is significance indication.

See if you can tune into yours when you are quite, still and at peace.