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Cupping Therapy

$100 per hour (I explain why below)

Better than Deep Tissue massage in my opinion and much more effective on other levels of energy in the body. The Chinese and other Cultures have understood the benefits of creating Negative space in the body to allow for BALANCE to exist within us. That’s all we’re really doing: balancing out CHI (life force) and releasing Connective tissue restrictions.

I utilize my 12 years of practice to integrate the cups as a fantastic tool to help your body heal itself.

Why do I charge what I charge? I use in upwards of 48+ different cups in a treatment. They must all be washed and put away properly after each session  (takes 30+minutes) and those things are expensive if they break. I will not forget to mention that these things are highly effective and well worth the investment.

Massage Therapy $80 per hour and I negotiate on that

How do you chose the right  Massage for You?

Massage Therapy encompasses a great many modalities, from the  traditional Swedish, to the more popular Deep Tissue, to Neuromuscular, Myofascial Release, Hot Stone, Lymph Drainage, Lomi Lomi and a ton of others. It can get confusing trying to figure out what your body needs. That’s why I take my 11 years of experience, continuous training and Intuition to help you out.

Integrative Massage Therapy is what I call the massage I do. My first goal is to asses your body with you to determine what’s going on and the best way to treat it. My promise to you is that I won’t harm you in anyway and if I can’t help you I will refer you to someone I know who can.

After an initial assessment I will use every technique I know (I’m not going to list them all) to help your body unwind tension, remove trauma, and increase vitality within your body.