Here are what some of my clients are saying about my skills as a Therapist:

Rebecca G. Atlanta, GA
Craniosacral Therapy is an ongoing conversation with my body on a subtle and deeply healing level. I thoroughly enjoy the experience during each session and can definitely see how much my body has benefited throughout this process. I have developed a deep trust in Michael’s integrity, intention and intuition as the therapist.
Justin R. Atlanta, GA
I feel like the most important thing I can say about Michael is that he truly loves what he does. And that you definitely feel that in the quality of work he delivers. Literally one hour after he started, everything felt different. I’m not one to buy into “alternative” type medicine, but I can’t argue with solid results. After probably four months of stumbling around like a drunk when my knee felt like it didn’t want to work, Michael fixed it in an hour. And I haven’t had one problem with it since. He’s every bit as skillful, trained, and wonderful when it comes to massage. He is constantly training, learning, and refining his skills, and as I said, you can tell. In addition to all the professional acclaims, he is generally just a genuinely caring person. He couldn’t have chosen a better profession to get into.
Diane D. Portland, OR
Having been suffering from scoliosis for a large majority of my life, I was extremely pleased to see such immediate positive changes upon working with Michael. He performed craniosacral therapy for me twice a month for nearly a year and a half; I would still be coming to him if it weren’t for a cross-country move. I always felt as though his knowledge of physiology and kinetics was a large reason why his massage techniques were so effective. Michael always did more than simply massage and perform the therapy: he always took the time to explain his movements, what adjustments he was making, how I can improve my posture, etc. Simply put, I would recommend Michael’s work to anyone who really desires a therapist who is attentive to their needs, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. I have already sent several of my friends to Michael – and they also echo my positive sentiments about him.
Virginia T. Duluth, GA
I have learned a lot about having a Massage and what it can do for you from Michael. Every thing he does for me has been a benefit to me. He truly has the touch of healing the body and making it better. He also has the knowledge of getting you to help yourself to stay healthy. I truly recommend Michael for his knowledge and skill at helping to heal through Massage.
I’ll begin by advising prospective clients not to let Michael’s reasonable rates fool them. A massage by Michael is a highly-theraputic, highly-relaxing experience, and his very reasonable prices do not reflfect the superior quality of his massage experience. Michael greeted me with a big smile and allowed me to shower, as I had just comme from the gym. He has a dedicated massage area off his living room, and the space was very inviting and relaxing. I advised Michael that I suffer from previous low back issues and that massages often bring me more pain than relief in that area. He recommended cranio-sacral massage which I had never had done before. It is one of Michael’s specialties, and YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY HAVE IT DONE! I would describe it as a lower-pressure massage style that delivers better results than a comparable deep tissue massage. The entire two hour experience was gentle, deeply effective, professional, and very enjoyable. I actually left the massage in a little pain but woke up the next morning feeling better than I have in weeks. I also slept like a log. Go for the 2-hour massage with Michael. You’ll be very glad that you did! He is a massage treasure for Atlanta.
Mark Atlanta, GA
Wow, what a find!! Michael gives a great massage, and for a terrific price. His style is one that I am not that familiar with, but is incredibly gentle, and definitely did the job. I came in with a very sore lower back , from doing too much lifting, and left with a lot less pain, and feel like a million bucks. So many masseurs feel that deep tissue has to hurt to work, not with Michael, never once did I squirm or feel deep pain. He has a great touch, and the 2 hrs, felt like one. Could have stayed there all day. I have been to quite a few masseurs, and he ranks up there in the top 5!! definitely!!
Michael is the most unique and effective massage therapist I have ever come across. My session started with his Craniosacral techniques which have the effect of causing complete relaxation. He has the gift of being able to read your head and spine and he induces relaxation with the lightest touch you can imagine. He followed up the Craniosacral session with the most intuitive and gentle traditional massage session I have ever experienced. When it was over, I was nearly without words. Michael was able in two sessions to reverse tension and pain in my lower back that have been dogging me for years. And he did it in the gentlest way you can imagine. Michael makes me wish I lived in Atlanta!
Joyce Ann Atlanta, GA
I made an appointment on the recommendation of a friend and am very thankful I did. Michael worked on me for a bit over an hour and undid more years of stress, frustration, tightness, and pain than I thought possible. He is warm, friendly and professional. I know it sounds dorky, but one session truly can be life-changing. My body is happier, my mind is calmer and my spirit feels reconnected!
Mark Atlanta, GA
As someone who likes to work with a gay-friendly male masseur but who is *not* looking for a sexual encounter, I was very happy to find Michael. His location is easy to find, appointments are easy to schedule online, and his rates are definitely too low for the quality of service he provides. His in-home studio is inviting, spotless, and relaxing. When weather permits, a massage on his outside deck is also possible. Michael is one of those few masseurs who are genuinely “into” the massage. He’s focused on you, not watching the clock or planning his evening. He is aware of you, of what’s going on in your body, ready with options, and open to suggestions. I had doubts about the whole “craniosacral” massage approach, as I generally prefer Swedish or deep tissue techniques. That said: I decided to let Michael lead the way on this, and I’m glad I did. For three days after the massage, I felt lighter — almost like having a “buzz.” Friends noticed it, too, because a number of people said, “Wow. You’re just glowing!” If you’re just looking for a sexual experience packaged as a massage, you should shop elsewhere, because Michael’s not offering those services. But if you’re looking for one of the most competent, effective, sensitive, and genuinely transformative massage experiences in Atlanta, you should schedule an appointment with Michael right away.
Shawna B. Marietta, GA
Michael’s Craniosacral work came highly recommended to me, and after having it I can see why. He was able to get right to the heart of the issue I was having, without me having to say anything. My body felt such relief for being in the hands of a true healer who knows how to LISTEN. He helped me better understand the mind-body connection and how certain emotional issues were also playing out in my body as pain. I felt both physical and emotional tension melting away in his hands and in his compassionate presence. I felt more energized, alive, and in touch with my whole self after my session. He is a gifted natural at what he does. I highly recommend!